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You were foolish enough to take the legendary idol from the newly discovered Sanctum of Set; now the hordes of the dead seek to take it back, at any cost...



Ancient Swarm is an endless first-person co-op wave shooter set in an ancient egyptian temple where you must face waves of skeletons, mummies and devastating pharaohs.

Fight your way throughout the ancient sanctum to unlock better weapons and equipment using the souls from the dead you have defeated, and last as long as you can in a frantic fight against the infinite dead!

Inspired by Call of Duty: Zombies and classic FPS.


  • Massive hordes of enemies
  • Infinite waves
  • Various types of guns, and even special mythical weapons!
  • 4 Player couch co-op
  • Three gamemodes, including a deathmatch mode!

This game was made by a team of 7 at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment as a student project.

We are:


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add a pause menu add graphics settings in-game it lags on my computer because of the bloo

Very fun game simple and fast pace!

It doesn't load screens correctly

Fun wave shooter. Liked the game mechanics. Maybe more enemy variety and it would be even better.


Man... this was really cool! I liked how the difficulty progressed as I adventured deeper into the catacomb! All the different weapons were fun to experiment with :)


I like the electricity effect.:P


Hey! I played this game on stream at https://www.twitch.tv/naturalpowergames/ ! I liked it. I had a good time playing it for about 10 mins. But by wave 5 I felt the lack of weapon and enemy variety. I'm a very patient player. Thanks for sharing!


Great game man! really enjoyed the mummy swarms and pharaoh boss'. Completely different from anything else out there. You've really captured a great (mainstream yet still unique) style. Well Done!!!