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You are a child that has been left at home alone, on the worst possible day to be left alone...

A short narrative game with a low-poly artstyle.


  • Pick up and interact with objects in the house
  • Voiced dialog by myself
  • Cute low-poly artstyle

A student game made in 2018 by Dylan Clarke.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorDylza / Luminescence


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So, um, I played your game.

Also wrote a review!  Really liked the game :)


Colorful and low-poly, but really creates an eerie situation

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 14:04 (The 2nd Game)


That game was hilarious, glad you acknowledged "Cute low-poly artstyle" being a great plus. 

Great game, it was really funny, i imagined a baby running around home nuking towns and trying to survive the emergency.

(1 edit) (+1)

The ending was actually kinda sad... well it would be if i knew whether or not that was where my dad worked... but overall great!... even though i had a really hard time finding the remote to the shutters... lol...

Edit: the in game dad obviously! lol!


ment to post this video here but forgot.


I was not expecting that. I loved being able to "destroy" the home, such as kid would do. I did think there was going to be a bit of a horror aspect to this and was pleasantly surprised. Your game is the second one in the video!


Me: Mom can we get a child?

Mom: No, we already have a child at home

Child at home:




This is neat! I thought before playing that it would have a horror theme since it is about child being home alone and a lot of things could happen, but I was surprised when I continued playing. I like getting to play with the blocks, chairs, and other objects and looking around the apartment. I would love to see what you would make next! 


Really loved the idea that you play as a child who has been left behind alone in a game. To be honest, at first glance I thought I was going to be thrown into a horror game or something but I was very wrong.

Really enjoyed the aspect of being able to kind of immerse yourself as this child, like playing with blocks, pulling chairs out, etc. Loved that interactivity.

You did a pretty good job utilizing the Unity engine as well :D Nice job and I enjoyed the game thoroughly!


THis is Or Ithink will be my fav game


Got a laugh out of it.

This game was actually really interesting and kind of creepy in a way, however, the ending was totally spoiled...


This game looks really nice. Wish there had been a bigger build up to the ending with a few more things to do before the end as it was really short to play but it played well and voice acting always helps a game. Overall a short but fun little game to play. Well done... :)


Really enjoyed this game! Just wished there was more to it! This game is in the first part of the video!


This games gives the phrase, wrong place wrong time, all new meaning. I had fun though! Always interesting to see peoples take on this concept! 


Gave it a go...


Fun little game! Looking forward to more of your games!!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick


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i actually jumped in rl after i heard that xd


 Woah I just played and saw the chore list and was all "oh one of these games huh."

Not what I was expecting that was amazing


Short but great game thanks Dev :)